Our Kickstarter campaign is live! Help us fund our second album and get a copy of our soon-to-be-released first album as well. We’ve got a lot planned over the next thirty days, so even if you pledge $1, you’ll stay in the loop. Thanks for listening.

Just added some shows for fall:

10/27/2012 @ Deep South the Bar, Raleigh, NC (w/ River City Ransom, Tin Can Sailor)
11/09/2012 @ The Cave, Chapel Hill, NC (w/ Rebekah Todd, Derek Evry)
11/11/2012 @ The Hive, Raleigh, NC (w/ Rebekah Todd, Derek Evry)

Hope we see you there!


We’ve been “working on our record” for almost a year now and I figured an update was in order.

I started this project making records own my own, so it’s taken us a long time to figure out how to make the new album. The mechanics of collaborating and communicating a shared vision has been tough to sort out (still is!) and we probably buckled a little under the pressure of a blank canvas. The distance between Greenville and Raleigh wasn’t helping any either, but Kathryn and I moved to Durham in July and things have picked up since. 

We’ve been hitting record at least once a week. We’re still some months away, but the monster is finally starting to show it’s face. It’s a different kind of album for us and I don’t want to give anything away but I just hope you’ll get as excited about it when it comes out as we’re starting to get now. 

We’d love for it to be out before 2012 and the world ends and we’re working hard to make that happen. At the very least, we’ll release it digitally (as always) on our own but are hoping to release it physically eventually. Imagine that! 

Thanks for reading.